Become an Alchemist – Turn your pain into gold!

By November 24, 2011Blog

Become An Alchemist Turn Your Pain Into GoldAlchemy is a perfect analogy to human transformation.

Alchemy is the science of trying to convert one form of matter into another using fire, potions, spells, and all kinds of other tricks. In medieval times it was a means of transmuting base metals into gold. People can use the same alchemic process. No fire, potions, or spells needed in this exercise; just the simple desire to rid oneself of a painful, inhibiting past.

I will use the fictional John Doe’s story to illustrate how personal alchemy can work. John Doe has been feeling trapped in a retail job for 20 years. Working long days, weekends and holidays are starting to take a toll on him. Sales quotas are going up, salary has remained the same for the past 5 years and the cost of living has risen. All of this is leaving John Doe feeling stuck; hopeless and desperate about the future.

Aware that he can either continue on this path to stress-filled dead ends or he can find a way to make a change. He chooses the latter and decides to see a coach. In their sessions together they discuss why he doesn’t attempt to find a different job.

Through the process of uncovering the past that he is able to break free and change the future.

John Doe grew up in a house with an often unemployed Dad who could seldom make the house payments. Collectors rang the bell, phone lines were cut and he was embarrassed to bring friends over. Yet none of those feelings were ever expressed. They were locked up inside of him and grew into memories that kept storing themselves in every cell of his being. As a consequence, he has been attracting situations that make him feel hopeless and incompetent manifesting itself in feeling paralyzed by his circumstances.

Through a guided forgiving process, it is possible to unlock memories and pain; to free the emotional system and release the negative emotions. As a result we don’t manifest them in our present life.

If any of this sounds familiar to you I urge you take the journey and bring the shadows of your past into the light of today… become an alchemist!