Change your Brain Change your Life

By November 14, 2012Blog

Change Your Brain Change Your LifeOur beliefs and habits are the forces behind our actions and therefore play a key role in the results we get. Beliefs and habits are the neural networks that are a part of the subconscious brain so they are actively involved in the results we get.

It would make sense then, if we’re not happy with ourselves or where we are at in life, relationships and work to simply switch our network? If our thoughts and beliefs are focused on the negative and we’re not getting our desired results then change the thought pattern. This can be done by re-training our brain’s neural functions.

Look at this analogy, when your computer output is not wanted; what do you do? You go back to the software and change its code. The result would be a new output. Same principle applies in our lives. Your brain is your computer. If you are not pleased with the results you have been getting; you need to go back to you belief system (your software) and change the code; reprogram it to obtain desired results.

Many of the assessments we make about ourselves were formed over years of programming from when we were kids and we were told things about ourselves. For example, if you grew up in a household where your parents always pointed out what you did wrong or what you forgot to do, or that your report card wasn’t good enough, and seldom praised for what you did that was good, you might not believe that you are good enough, or deserving. It’s possible, with this kind of upbringing that you’re afraid to try new things are feel insecure about the things you do. As a result, as an adult you might question your performance in your role as a husband, father or employee.

If you find yourself falling into the same old habits and traps no matter how hard you try to change your behaviour; it is your subconscious mind and/or your beliefs that are sabotaging your actions and efforts. As a result, we might need to shed old beliefs that no longer serve us. The parts of the human brain directly related to our beliefs and conscious decision-making are very flexible and allow us to reprogram the thoughts that run through our minds. There are various methods to help do this. Here’s one:

Brain re-programming – Home exercise for you to try:

Take a piece of paper. On one side list your personal assets and on the other list your limitations. The limitations are beliefs that can be changed.

Ask yourself: What new belief do I want to acquire?

Repeat to yourself as many times as needed “I am good enough” “If I did it once, I can do it again”.

Notice the shift in your emotional state from discomfort to pleasant.

When you learn to fully concentrate on positive intentions and goals, while remaining in a deep state of relaxation, your brain reorganizes itself. It processes new information with greater efficiency.