I met Gabriela through the “Women in Leadership” program last year. From the first time we met I felt an instant connection and by the time our first meeting was over, I could feel that this person that I just met two hours ago will have a significant impact in my life.
Gabriela is one of the most insightful people that I met and she helped me listen to my inner self and get to know myself more than I ever have before. It is easy to talk to her because she makes you feel very relaxed and calm, and she finds sense and use in every little thing you say. The thing that I most grateful for is that after several conversations and exercises, I was able to establish and develop a connection to myself that I have lost in the day to day stress of life. Her perspective on the balance between one and himself, the universe and the other people had a great contribution to my view and take on life. Even months later, I still look back and think about things she has taught me and apply them when things get tough.
I was (and still am) always excited to see her because I know that I will leave our meeting with something new learned or just for the simple fact that seeing and talking to her makes one feel happy, comfortable and peaceful.
I love talking to Gabriela and I definitely recommend her to anyone who seeks any kind of support in their life at the moment. She will not only help you solve your current issues but teach you valuable lessons to use for a lifetime.