Changes makes you uncomfortable but the idea of not changing seems worse.
Gabriela Embon

I read that statement, took a deep breath and called Gabriela. I had nothing to lose.

3 months ago, due to fear, I was unsure of were my life and career was going. Fear had literally paralyzed me.
I felt lost and defeated with what I thought was “my life purpose.” To make matters worse, to avoid the feeling of defeat and anxiety, for what I now accepted as “life,” I voluntarily dove head first into other people”s situations in order to avoid my own circumstances and to fill the emptiness.
I would lay at night thinking, this can”t be it. This cannot be my life! I have to change.

After working diligently with Gabriela and soulfully absorbing all of her compassionate, and sincere information, I had A LOT of AHA moments that enthusiastically shifted my way of thinking, looking and being in my life.

For me, fear will always be there but having the courage now to see my dreams come to past seems even better.
I know longer voluntarily distract myself by getting involved in other people”s situations, unless I”m asked for help. I no longer try to settle in my life when I know “We” are all made for greatness. I”m actively pursuing my career goals and everything feels wonderful.

Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don”t really matter.
Francis Chan

Thank you Gabriela for EVERYTHING. You have helped me plant a seed that I will continue to nourish. My future will be bright.