Meeting with Gabriela and working with her has been nothing short of life changing.

And to think, I have only just begun! Seriously though, I began my healing journey with Gaby to work on one block that I knew I needed very special help with but during the course of our work together we unwittingly undid a block for another debilitating issue of mine. One problem solved, gone, out the window, not an issue for me anymore and another one that we are currently working on that I am, after only 2 sessions – beginning to feel the change in me.
There are some things we intellectually know need to change to have more joy, comfort, more money, less weight, less anger, more appreciation – whatever the issue for you – but we just keep sabotaging our efforts. That’s what Gabriela gets to, the underlying cause of our own self-sabotage.

You should make an appointment with her now – she can help with that.