Martha M.

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Gabriela helped me to trust in life, to trust in myself. She taught me how to radically change some negative beliefs about myself that were preventing me from living in peace, freedom and to have satisfactory love relationships.
She uses different powerful techniques (that are both rational and spiritual at the same time) that guided me… to reveal my true essence… to feel free to be… and to be ready to receive the beautiful things that life reserves for me.
The feeling of being inadequate or not enough is gone; I FEEL to be at the right time at the right moment, now!
Thank you Gabriela, for you great help, your empathy and for your dedication and passion.


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I was feeling overwhelmed every day and was not able to deal with the daily stresses of work and family. I needed to find a way to cope with it all and I knew I needed help.
Gabriela showed me how to work through things, put my life back into balance and to keep the bigger picture in focus. I am very grateful to her for giving me the tools to keep me on track personally and professionally.


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Meeting with Gabriela and working with her has been nothing short of life changing.

And to think, I have only just begun! Seriously though, I began my healing journey with Gaby to work on one block that I knew I needed very special help with but during the course of our work together we unwittingly undid a block for another debilitating issue of mine. One problem solved, gone, out the window, not an issue for me anymore and another one that we are currently working on that I am, after only 2 sessions – beginning to feel the change in me.
There are some things we intellectually know need to change to have more joy, comfort, more money, less weight, less anger, more appreciation – whatever the issue for you – but we just keep sabotaging our efforts. That’s what Gabriela gets to, the underlying cause of our own self-sabotage.

You should make an appointment with her now – she can help with that.


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I had been struggling with feelings of extreme insecurity and fear and wanted to become free from all the subconscious beliefs I had been holding onto for far too long.

I found Gabriela by doing a Google search for life coaching and her name was the first to pop up; after reading other testimonials, I decided to contact her.
I had been struggling with feelings of extreme insecurity and fear and wanted to become free from all the subconscious beliefs I had been holding onto for far too long.
Gabriela helped me release all my incorrect beliefs and perceptions about myself and others and I now experience greater peace and freedom to live my life to the fullest and in abundance. If you’d like to experience freedom and peace, contact her as soon as you can! Thanks for all your help as I am now able to look forward to the future that is exciting and abundant!


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Changes makes you uncomfortable but the idea of not changing seems worse.
can u buy accutane over the counter Gabriela Embon

I read that statement, took a deep breath and called Gabriela. I had nothing to lose.

3 months ago, due to fear, I was unsure of were my life and career was going. Fear had literally paralyzed me.
I felt lost and defeated with what I thought was “my life purpose.” To make matters worse, to avoid the feeling of defeat and anxiety, for what I now accepted as “life,” I voluntarily dove head first into other people”s situations in order to avoid my own circumstances and to fill the emptiness.
I would lay at night thinking, this can”t be it. This cannot be my life! I have to change.

After working diligently with Gabriela and soulfully absorbing all of her compassionate, and sincere information, I had A LOT of AHA moments that enthusiastically shifted my way of thinking, looking and being in my life.

For me, fear will always be there but having the courage now to see my dreams come to past seems even better.
I know longer voluntarily distract myself by getting involved in other people”s situations, unless I”m asked for help. I no longer try to settle in my life when I know “We” are all made for greatness. I”m actively pursuing my career goals and everything feels wonderful.

Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don”t really matter. Francis Chan

Thank you Gabriela for EVERYTHING. You have helped me plant a seed that I will continue to nourish. My future will be bright.


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I was a young adult who had just dropped out of school and didn’t have a job. I lacked the motivation needed to both obtain and keep one, and had problems studying. My mother sat me down and suggested I see a life coach and I complied. To that, I have no regrets. The results weren’t instantaneous and, being a rationally oriented person, was skeptical at first. Several (6) sessions later I not only have a job, but I also solved some communication problems I had with my parents and am fully working on fixing my motivational issues. Gabriela helped me bring the results I wanted. I definitely recommend you set up an appointment with her should you have any problems, whatever they may be.”


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I seemed to have it all. Married, beautiful wife, three healthy kids in private schools, nice house…
But despite the outside perfect appearance we were impoverished inside.
My wife and I faced marital challenges for the past 6 years and were near divorce. “Everything” was collapsing.
We approached Gabriela for help hoping to save our marriage. Through the process we had couple sessions and individual ones.
Having “mastered” some important tools I feel more empowered to deal with the daily life. I feel confident in myself. I have a different approach that has led to a shift in our marital relationship.
I’ve gained better control over myself, my emotions and consequently, my life. I feel relieved of most of unhealthy stress. And life looks more appealing nowadays.

Thank you


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I was referred to Gabriela when I was experiencing few difficult crises and challenges in my life.
From the moment I first stepped into her office I felt comfortable and confident that I was in the right place, with the right person.
Gabriela is a life coach and a mentor. She shows a special blend of knowledge, spirituality, a deep interest and caring.
I felt an immediate connection with her, because of her compassion, gentle guidance and support.
Gabriela has inspired me to find my inner truth and power.
She helped me see things from a different perspective.
I am very grateful to Gabriela and I have a lot of respect for her.