Sandra R.

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Full Report I came to Gabriela for guidance after a major personal upheaval in my life. I was in the very beginning stages of rebuilding a new life for myself, but I was in a career rut too and felt I couldn’t even begin to make progress without getting out of that rut first. I lacked the direction and focus to get back on track.

waklert 250mg india I found Gabriela so easy to talk to and felt comfortable with her right away. Through her unique and highly effective methods, Gabriela helped to pinpoint and remove the subconscious blocks I had about myself, my abilities, and my goals. She then gave me much-needed insight and practical solutions for clearing the path to not only my career goals, but to my personal goals as well.

Thanks to Gabriela, I now have the confidence, courage, and conviction — the real tools I needed — to pursue my dream career and begin building the life I’ve always envisioned for myself.

I cannot thank you enough, Gabriela!


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When I met Gabriela, I had been struggling with living in the past and it was very difficult for me to move forward in my life. I had been in and out of therapy for years before and never came close to the clarity and change I experienced working with Gabriela. Gabriela pinpointed with laser accuracy and in such a short time, exactly where the blockage was coming from and provided strategies and formulas to make powerful and lasting changes. After completing 1 Journey session, I felt the release of all the baggage that I had been carrying with me for years – this alone helped give me the energy and stability to be a better mother, improved my marriage and got a job after 10 years out of the workforce. Gabriela is amazing in her approach, her leading-edge techniques and her natural intuitive spirit and intelligence.

Thank you so much Gabriela and I hope to see you soon.


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Dear Gabriela, I would like to tell you how important you became in my life. I met you two years ago in the most difficult time of my whole life.
You were a key player in my personal growth. I had an alcoholic son who was deep emerged in his drinking. I was in so much pain from seeing him destroy his life.
Gabriela gave me support and orientation and showed me how to seek for help. Now I have recovered my essence, I am really what I always wanted to be; a mature woman that makes correct decisions, respects and puts limits. Gabriela was the one that opened my eyes and taught me not to feel guilt related to me as a wife and as a mother. She provided me with a great book “Love is not what we were told it is” from the author Clara Coria.
I am Mexican and you can’t imagine the cultural beliefs I was raised with.
I recovered the people I love but living on a very different way, with self respect, putting limit and expressing my feelings but with courtesy.
Thank you dear Gabriela, it is so much what I would write here that it will never end.


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Before I began working with Gabriela I had little balance in my life. I was overwhelmed by the amount of work I wanted to accomplish for my website while trying to balance my day job, family life and personal time.
During our first meeting, Gaby made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Her calmness allowed me to open up to her fully and truly share my fears, concerns and aspirations.
After my second meeting with Gaby, I left confident that I now have a concrete action plan in my hands that I can implement instantly and begin to improve my life. The simplicity and clarity of the small (yet significant) changes I made in my life, made a tremendous difference and help guide me to inner peace and happiness.
As our meetings continued, Gaby’s array of knowledge from business ideas, spirituality and even nutritional tips continued to help me get my life back on track.
It is a pleasure to work with Gaby. She is sweet, kind, attentive and wise. I hope to continue our work together in the future.


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Dear Gabriela,
Before I met you, I was struggling with my life emotionally financially and physically. Although I have a wonderful family who tried to help me in many ways, I couldn’t change until I met you. During our meetings, exercises, I discovered such values in me that I never did before. I forgot to appreciate obvious things in my life and had no self-confidence. You opened my eyes and made me a better person by showing me what is important and how to create and reach my goals. Your positive personality enchanted me and refilled me for weeks. Now I’m a positive, confident person, who knows what he wants and goes for it. Thanks to you. You’ll always have a special place in my heart and I’m very much thankful for your help to changing my life.


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I met Gabriela through the “Women in Leadership Mentorship Program”. Before I met her, I’ve never thought that someone could help me answer many confusing questions in my life. When I met Gabriela for the first time, I felt a strong connection between us. After working with her, I have developed a positive attitude towards life and most importantly, I am much happier with myself. I am now a completely different person with high enthusiasm and self-confidence. I can’t describe in words how incredible Gabriela is at what she does. If you are reading this and considering seeking help from a life coach, I strongly recommend Gabriela; not only does she truly support you, but she also guides you in the right direction to really identify the “blockages” in your life and to heal from them. I am excited for you to work with Gabriela because it sure was the greatest turning point of my life.


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I met Gabriela when I was going through a very difficult time at both my marriage and career. I was undergoing a severe depression and had completely lost hope for a better future.
With an utmost seriousness and professionalism Gabriela used a whole different set of techniques to address my worst fears and to remove them from their source.
Today, I’m a different person who is no longer depressed, quite the opposite – I’m joyful and hopeful about my future in all aspects of my life. Gabriela has a lot to do with this change. I will forever be indebted to her help during such a difficult time and I wish she will continue to help other people as she helped me.


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I met Gabriela through the “Women in Leadership” program last year. From the first time we met I felt an instant connection and by the time our first meeting was over, I could feel that this person that I just met two hours ago will have a significant impact in my life.
Gabriela is one of the most insightful people that I met and she helped me listen to my inner self and get to know myself more than I ever have before. It is easy to talk to her because she makes you feel very relaxed and calm, and she finds sense and use in every little thing you say. The thing that I most grateful for is that after several conversations and exercises, I was able to establish and develop a connection to myself that I have lost in the day to day stress of life. Her perspective on the balance between one and himself, the universe and the other people had a great contribution to my view and take on life. Even months later, I still look back and think about things she has taught me and apply them when things get tough.
I was (and still am) always excited to see her because I know that I will leave our meeting with something new learned or just for the simple fact that seeing and talking to her makes one feel happy, comfortable and peaceful.
I love talking to Gabriela and I definitely recommend her to anyone who seeks any kind of support in their life at the moment. She will not only help you solve your current issues but teach you valuable lessons to use for a lifetime.


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Dear Gabriela,
I wanted to let you know that I have implemented all the techniques that you shared with me and I successfully practice them in my day to day life.
I have realized that what really made the change for me during this rough time were you and the things you said to me. I remember our conversations, especially the last one, every day. Once I start feeling down or stressed I recall the things you said or I use one of the tools you gave me and… I come to my senses”.
I really appreciate everything you said and did. You really made our sessions a life changing experience for me and I am very, very grateful.
I feel like I’m heading in the right direction.


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I approached Gabriela for help with weight issues and the lack of motivation that I was experiencing in my business. Within 2 sessions I learned more about myself than in my entire life. I was amazed to learn how past events were affecting my present life.
Thanks to Gabriela’s unique techniques, patience and her passion to help people I have a better vision of my life and my business.
Bottom line… I lost 15 pounds and was able to maintain a healthy weight; I reinvented myself in my business and I am gaining more and more traction. I am now better equipped with her self-coaching tools that have proven useful time after time.
Gabriela gave her heart and soul. She has helped me manifest a better and happier life in many areas. It has been a privilege to be coached by Gabriela, learning from her and having her play a part in my life. I will be forever grateful.