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“Changes make us uncomfortable but the idea of not changing seems worse.”

Gabriela Embon

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What makes me who I am as a coach?


My Messages

In my sessions I use analogies from daily life to explain the concepts I want my clients to grasp. I combine my left brain (logic, engineering) with my right brain (creativity, intuition) to communicate in a unique way that makes my clients say, “AHA..I GET IT”


Wisdom, beyond Knowledge

Concepts alone are not enough. I offer many examples, mainly from my personal life, to show my clients how to implement the concepts and create change. This truly comes from wisdom, not just from knowledge.


Effective Tools

I love efficiency. I trust in timing, but I don’t believe it should take years to create change. I use techniques, processes and tools that target root causes. This is essential for seeing results for long-lasting change in just a short period of time.


Compassion and Passion

I love what I do. It can be felt in my sessions – care, compassion and respect. I am passionate about what I do. It’s my life’s purpose. I am lucky that my work is my passion.

More about Me

  • I am a certified life coach who specializes in helping people to rewire their mindset for success so they can achieve the deep and enduring change they crave.
  • I hold a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, with eight years of experience in the field, leading technical projects and training large groups of technicians.
  • Change is something with which I am at ease. I have lived in three different countries and served in the armed forces for two years.
  • Oh! And I’m also the mother of three adorable kids.

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