Do any of these describe YOU?

I have been searching for a job with no results

No matter how hard I try and take action I can’t see results

I hate my job. I wish for a change but financial insecurity and instability scares me. I have a family to support

I feel confused and not sure what to do with my life. I don’t know what my passion is

I am at a cross path and don’t know which one to take

Shift Your Career is a program I have created to help you achieve your career goals. No matter where you are at on your career path, this program will provide you with the right tools to move forward and create the changes you want in your life.
We will get crystal clear about the goals and changes you want to achieve. We will assess what has been stopping you from achieving those results and work on mindset as well as on the action level.

My unique process “Rewire your Brain for Success in Your Career and Professional Life” enables you to achieve long lasting results in a short period of time!

Expected Results:

  • Know what you want to do with your life, so you can start working towards your professional future
  • Discover your purpose and ideal career, so you can take action and launch the next phase in your professional life
  • Get on the path towards a new career in a safe and secure way, so you can feel empowered, motivated and confident
  • Find your ideal job, so you can feel confident and enjoy from financial stability
  • Feel confident, empowered and fulfilled


The length of the program is personalized for your needs. Most clients get results within three months. The pace of your progress is up to you, however you will start seeing and feeling the shift within one month.

You helped my life on so many levels, helped me to break through my barriers and gave me tools to maintain the positive changes. I wanted to find my dream job and improve my financial situation. Not only that the “Abundance Journey” help me break through my abundance blockages but also I got the job that I was dreaming about

Maria Carmel


Gabriela came to my rescue as I was in the midst of a very sensitive career transition. I had felt the need for a positive career change, where I can realize my potential and not be encumbered by fears and nuisances that degrade the quality of life, work and well-being. Through Gabriela’s proven and perfected coaching techniques and her superb quality as a human being, she was instrumental in helping me see clearly through the miasma of misgivings and fear of uncertainty; and emerge a stronger and braver man.
I am now embarking on one of the biggest changes in my professional career, and it is due to Gabriela’s work with me that I feel more adept at facing life’s endless mystery and boundless uncertainty. Instead of fearing failure, I now look forward to the enriching experience and personal growth in my endeavors



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