I was a young adult who had just dropped out of school and didn’t have a job. I lacked the motivation needed to both obtain and keep one, and had problems studying. My mother sat me down and suggested I see a life coach and I complied. To that, I have no regrets. The results weren’t instantaneous and, being a rationally oriented person, was skeptical at first. Several (6) sessions later I not only have a job, but I also solved some communication problems I had with my parents and am fully working on fixing my motivational issues. Gabriela helped me bring the results I wanted. I definitely recommend you set up an appointment with her should you have any problems, whatever they may be.


And to think, I have only just begun! Seriously though, I began my journey with Gaby to work on one block that I knew I needed very special help with but during the course of our work together we unwittingly undid a block for another debilitating issue of mine. One problem solved, gone, out the window, not an issue for me anymore and another one that we are currently working on that I am, after only 2 sessions – beginning to feel the change in me.

There are some things we intellectually know need to change to have more joy, comfort, more money, less weight, less anger, more appreciation – whatever the issue for you – but we just keep sabotaging our efforts. That’s what Gabriela gets to, the underlying cause of our own self-sabotage.


Gabriela came to my rescue as I was in the midst of a very sensitive career transition. I had felt the need for a positive career change, where I can realize my potential and not be encumbered by fears and nuisances that degrade the quality of life, work and well-being. Through Gabriela’s proven and perfected coaching techniques and her superb quality as a human being, she was instrumental in helping me see clearly through the miasma of anxiety stress and fear of uncertainty; and emerge a stronger and braver man.

She is highly intelligent, companionate, steadfast and her sheer human honesty is an indispensable tool in helping her clients. Since the very first coaching session, the rapport with Gabriela was congenial, safe and conducive to sharing my personal story with her without any reservations. Her amiable demeanor was a mirror upon which my true self was reflected, I was able to better understand what my limiting perceptions were, with which I lived for very long, and the many ways I can transform them into positive and empowering ones. She was very attentive to what I had recounted of my personal story, and with her piercing insight, she revealed and unearthed hidden meaning beyond my mere words, and then I became more self-aware.

I am now embarking on one of the biggest changes in my professional career, and it is due to Gabriela’s work with me that I feel more adept at facing life’s endless mystery and boundless uncertainty. Instead of fearing failure, I now look forward to the enriching experience and personal growth in my endeavors.

She is a being overflowing with positivism and hope; I thank her and wish her the best.


I approached Gabriela for help with weight issues and the lack of motivation that I was experiencing in my business. Within 2 sessions I learned more about myself than in my entire life. I was amazed to learn how past events were affecting my present life.

Thanks to Gabriela’s unique techniques, patience and her passion to help people I have a better vision of my life and my business.

Bottom line... I lost 15 pounds and was able to maintain a healthy weight; I reinvented myself in my business and I am gaining more and more traction. I am now better equipped with her self-coaching tools that have proven useful time after time.

Gabriela gave her heart and soul. She has helped me manifest a better and happier life in many areas. It has been a privilege to be coached by Gabriela, learning from her and having her play a part in my life. I will be forever grateful.


I read that statement, took a deep breath and called Gabriela. I had nothing to lose.

3 months ago, due to fear, I was unsure of were my life and career was going. Fear had literally paralyzed me.
I felt lost and defeated with what I thought was “my life purpose.” To make matters worse, to avoid the feeling of defeat and stress, for what I now accepted as “life,” I voluntarily dove head first into other people’s situations in order to avoid my own circumstances and to fill the emptiness.
I would lay at night thinking, this can’t be it. This cannot be my life! I have to change.
After working diligently with Gabriela and soulfully absorbing all of her compassionate, and sincere information, I had A LOT of AHA moments that enthusiastically shifted my way of thinking, looking and being in my life.

For me, fear will always be there but having the courage now to see my dreams come to past seems even better.

  • I know longer voluntarily distract myself by getting involved in other people’s situations, unless I’m asked for help
  • I no longer try to settle in my life when I know “We” are all made for greatness. I’m actively pursuing my career goals and everything feels wonderful.


I came to Gabriela for guidance after a major personal upheaval in my life. I was in the very beginning stages of rebuilding a new life for myself, but I was in a career rut too and felt I couldn’t even begin to make progress without getting out of that rut first. I lacked the direction and focus to get back on track.

I found Gabriela so easy to talk to and felt comfortable with her right away. Through her unique and highly effective methods, Gabriela helped to pinpoint and remove the hidden blocks I had about myself, my abilities, and my goals. She then gave me much-needed insight and practical solutions for clearing the path to not only my career goals, but to my personal goals as well.

Thanks to Gabriela, I now have the confidence, courage, and conviction — the real tools I needed — to pursue my dream career and begin building the life I’ve always envisioned for myself.

I cannot thank you enough, Gabriela!

Sandra R.

Started sessions with Gabriela after her talk at a Well networking meeting in Laval.

Gabriela’s talk came exactly at the right time in my life. Gabriela guides you through each session making you feel calm and free to express your true self. She has helped me unblock dis-empowering perceptions and create stronger positive ones.

I now have many successful tools to be mindful of my thoughts and my body. If you are ready to live a meaningful authentic life Gabriela has the skill and knowledge personally and professionally to help you get there.

I feel truly blessed to have started this journey with Gabriela


After being coached by Gabriela, she has changed my life – all in the most positive ways.

Through a few sessions, I have now been able to resolve issues that I was not aware of previously, but had been carrying them around for decades.

Gabriela came highly recommended, and I too highly recommend her to you.

I wish you a healthy and joy-filled life.

Janice Barnes

You helped my life on so many levels, helped me to break through my barriers and gave me tools to maintain the positive changes.

I wanted to find my dream job and improve my financial situation. Not only that the “Abundance work” help me break through my abundance blockages but also I got the job that I was dreaming about.

It was a great pleasure to take a journey into myself with such an amazingly sensitive, compassionate, empathetic, wise and noble person like you!

Thank You for everything Gabriela!

Maria Carmel

Gabriela Embon has a beautiful gift.

I have met and had the pleasure to work with many coaches and spiritual workers in my own business as well as in my personal growth.

I recently chose to work with Gabriela, and the experience was fulfilling and empowering. What sets her apart from most is her amazing ability to explain why and how this path is a sure way to meet your goals. This is ideal if you are in the least bit skeptical about the Journey process.

Gabriela’s ability to understand really what your thoughts and feelings really are and why you are experiencing them is one of her strengths.

Gabriela journey’s with you through the process of clearing your dis-empowering perceptions raising your vibration, and works with you to take your well being to the next level.


It was not a coincidence that Gabriela came into my life. One night that I felt lost in this journey called immigration, I searched for a professional coach online.

As soon as Gabriela responded to my email, I felt right away that she was the right person to work with. Not only because she herself went through immigration but also because I felt a special connection. She was more than a professional or a life coach, she became an important companionship in my journey.

She has a unique approach and a variety of tools that helped me understand and get through this difficult time. Working with her was a pleasure and helped me to set goals and break through my limiting perceptions. She always had an answer for my questions and especially she helped me to hope again.

She helped me to believe again and follow my dreams!!


I met Gabriela when I was going through a very difficult time at both my marriage and career.
With an utmost seriousness and professionalism Gabriela used a whole different set of techniques to address my blockages and to remove them from their source.

Today, I’m a different person who is no longer insecure, quite the opposite – I’m joyful and hopeful about my future in all aspects of my life. Gabriela has a lot to do with this change. I will forever be indebted to her help during such a difficult time and I wish she will continue to help other people as she helped me.


Dear Gabriela,

Before I met you, I was struggling with my life. Although I have a wonderful family who tried to help me in many ways, I couldn’t change until I met you.

During our meetings, exercises, I discovered such values in me that I never did before. I forgot to appreciate obvious things in my life and had no self-confidence. You opened my eyes and made me a better person by showing me what is important and how to create and reach my goals.

Your positive personality enchanted me and refilled me for weeks. Now I’m a positive, confident person, who knows what he wants and goes for it. Thanks to you.

You’ll always have a special place in my heart and I’m very much thankful for your help to changing my life.


When I met Gabriela, I had been struggling with living in the past and it was very difficult for me to move forward in my life. I had been in and out of therapy for years before and never came close to the clarity and change I experienced working with Gabriela. Gabriela pinpointed with laser accuracy and in such a short time, exactly where the blockage was coming from and provided strategies and formulas to make powerful and lasting changes.

Gabriela is amazing in her approach, her leading-edge techniques and her natural intuitive spirit and intelligence.

Thank you so much Gabriela and I hope to see you soon


I found Gabriela by doing a Google search for life coaching and her name was the first to pop up; after reading other testimonials, I decided to contact her.

I had been struggling with feelings of extreme insecurity and fear and wanted to become free from all the limiting perceptions I had been holding onto for far too long.

Gabriela helped me release all my incorrect beliefs and perceptions about myself and others and I now experience greater peace and freedom to live my life to the fullest and in abundance. If you’d like to experience freedom and peace, contact her as soon as you can!

Thanks for all your help as I am now able to look forward to the future that is exciting and abundant!


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