Bringing Abundance Into Your Life

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Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.

- Eckhart Tolle -


It’s easy to feel gratitude when life is good but how can we hang onto gratitude when the unexpected happens, or when we feel pain?
I recently read a parable about a beggar which is a perfect lesson about gratitude:

There is a beggar sitting on a box on the corner of a sidewalk. He has his hands out, asking for money. A man walks by and says, “I have nothing to give today but I see you’re sitting on a box. What’s inside the box you’re sitting on?”

“I’m sure there’s nothing inside. I’m just using it as a seat.” the beggar said.

“Well,” the man asked, “did you ever check to see what’s inside?”

And of course, the beggar had considered the box with only one frame of reference; to have something to sit on and so no, it hadn’t occurred to him to look inside.

Just like the beggar, too many of us are hard-wired to seek abundance in hard to reach or distant places when all we really need to do is pay more attention to what we already have. To stay where we are, do what we enjoy doing and stick to what we know best.

The law of attraction works quite simply; show appreciation for what we have and the universe gives us more.

To be grateful is to appreciate what we have in the present moment. We have to appreciate what we have to attract more of the blessings life has to offer. By finding appreciation for even the smallest of blessings the pathway to obtaining more objects of our gratitude opens.
When we accept and our set of circumstances today that acceptance will lead us to a better set of circumstances in the future.

Action Steps:


Begin a “Gratitude List”; For example, mine includes such items as I am grateful for my car because it takes to me all the places I need and want to go and I am grateful for the mortgage I pay as it means I have a place to call home


Keep the list next to your bed, read it before going to sleep and each day add one thing to the list that you are grateful for; something you embrace that happened, a special moment with someone, a special talk, something you learned...


Repeat, “I have abundance in my life” everyday, especially when you’re having negative thoughts of scarcity


Be consistent and persistent. Express genuine attitudes of gratitude and in time the floodgates of abundance will open for you

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