Shifting from the paradigm of living in a state of need to a paradigm of unlimited abundance


In the 1400’s, the modern world awoke from a time of great social upheaval. The Black Death was responsible for hundreds of thousands of people and those not taken by the plague suffered from malnutrition or starvation. Disease was commonplace and the economy was in transition. It was a time of tragedy, scarcity and uncertainty.

The Renaissance grew out of those desperate times. It was an awakening as new social, cultural and economic thought was necessary to reach beyond those times of despair. To succeed in that mission, there was a shift in how people thought and behaved. There was a drive toward gaining control over nature to make it “useful” and “productive”, and a need for control over people in order to survive and thrive. This led to the growth of trade and prosperity, lifting people from despair to salvation. But, it also created a mindset of lack, a fear of scarcity, an overall sense of insecurity.

Which of these ideas do you yourself have?

“I have to work hard to succeed”
“Money doesn’t fall from the trees”
“I need to start from the bottom and make my way up slowly”
“I need to have a college degree to make it”
“Having a job at a big company gives me stability and security”
“Nothing is that easy”
“If I don’t produce I am not worthy”
“I have to deserve to get what I want”
“If someone else got the award and not me, I probably don’t deserve it”
Sound familiar?
Our perceptions about control, innovation, productivity and the balance in our bank accounts are born from centuries-old fears that were necessary at the time. We allowed those fears to persist and become our truth. This is not serving us well.

Ask Yourself:

  • Who your do limiting perception belong to? Are they yours?
  • Do they reflect your reality? Or were they carried over from your parents, grandparents and ancient history?
  • Are these notions serving you to achieve your goals? Or are they keeping you from living an authentic life?
  • Do you find it hard to break out of limiting habits and self sabotage behaviour patterns?

List Title if needed

You may be aware that reflecting on these questions is creating a shift in your thoughts and your emotions. Questioning our old ways of living is the foundation for opening our creativity to new and better ways.

By understanding the origin of our limiting perceptions and accepting them, that acceptance, will lead us to a better set of circumstances in the future.

A paradigm shift is taking place in the world. We may feel torn apart, as if we’re in the middle of an inner war between old perceptions and new ones. We may feel caught between “should” and what the heart wants, between old habits that die hard and new ones struggling to serve us better. But don’t panic and don’t give up.

he new perceptions are based on happiness, joy and inner truth rather than need, fear and control.

  • Instead of control we seek for personal responsibility
  • Instead if fear we find love
  • Choose positive, happier thoughts and join the shift

The urge and ability to produce is part of who we are as humans; it is what makes us unique. We don’t want to change this amazing quality. Instead, we are called to change its meaning, our own perception to our need to be productive.
It is the way we take care of our lives what gives productivity its meaning and not productivity what gives meaning to our lives.

We are awakening

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